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Customer Testimonials

My first experience with Thompson Irrigation & Landscaping was at my prior job when I was put in charge of taking care of the landscape. There was over an acre of landscape that included trees, bushes, shrubs and grass. We had tried other landscapers and had even tried taking care of it ourselves. It just got to be too much to handle. We had plants that were dyeing due to the watering system being old and in need of repairing. I called Thompson Irrigation & Landscaping not knowing what to expect. I had heard about them but didn't have any personal experience. We started with doing a weekly maintenance. I soon realized, as did they, that if we didn't do some repair work that we would be chasing our tail to get it looking good. I sat down with Benje  to get a plan of attack. It was decided that the watering system itself needed to be replaced to achieve what we both agreed upon. His team of guys got to work and in no time the system was in great shape. It has been over 4 years now and the landscaping looks great. I know longer work there but see Benje a couple of times a year. I still call them with questions regarding my own lawn and they are always happy to take the time and answer them. I have no reservation recommending them for your commercial needs



We are still so very pleased with the landscaping job that you designed and completed in our front and back yards. The lighting and water features in both areas are amazing. Your selection of trees, plants and boulders are exactly what we had in mind--even more than we had hoped. It's as if you took a section from the  National Forest and placed it right in our backyard. The pavestone work is absolutely beautiful and very functional. Working with you and your staff was a pleasure. What impressed us most about working with "Thompson Irrigation & Landscaping" was the professionalism of you and your staff. Your workers were always prompt, considerate, extremely hard working, and cleaned up thoroughly at the end of each day. Even our neighbors commented on how professional and kind your workers were. We also appreciated the fact that you stayed on schedule and you were in daily contact with us to assess any needs, concerns or questions that we had. An additional plus to your offerings is your maintenance crew who has been maintaining our investment for over five years and is very knowledgeable when it comes to pruning, weed control, and fertilizing needs. They are very attentive to our wishes and constantly check with us before trimming or altering anything. The best part of all is that a private haven has been created for us in our back yard! Our guests are so impressed with the beauty of the landscape. Thank you for truly creating a piece of heaven for us at our home. We would gladly recommend your work to your prospective clients

Thank you,

Judy and Denis Bourroughs


Cannot begin to e press our gratitude for a tough job well handled. We are amazed at what you planned and created in two days out of a total disaster! Very professional, hard working crew and very appealing, high quality work! Hope to work with y'all more in the future!!

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We would absolutely recommend Thompson Irrigation & Landscaping for all landscaping and lighting needs.  What we most appreciated was Benje's willingness to listen to what we envisioned for our yard.  He worked with us, providing insight and knowledge along the way.  We never felt pushed by Benje to go outside our comfort zone.  By listening to and understanding our style, Benje created exactly what we were looking for.  Most importantly, we trust Benje and his team.  We cannot understate this element of a relationship between homeowner and landscape professional.  Not once did we think Benje put his interests above ours.  His commitment to serving his customers at all costs puts Thompson Landscaping & Irrigation above all others.  He will not leave until the job is done and the customer is happy.  We will continue to use Thompson Landscaping & Irrigation for all of our landscaping needs and unequivocally recommend their services.  

Anna and Wilson Allgood